Waxing Services

I use both hard and soft wax for my services.  The wax’s I use are high quality which produces results that are less painful compared to other waxes.

I evaluate your hair type and growth and use the wax that I believe will give the best results. Not only do I provide services for women, but I also service gentleman hair removal in a private, comfortable professional setting.

what sets me apart from other waxing specialists is:

  • Study, Study, Study:  I am part of multiple waxing forums where experts share their experiences, techniques, and preferences.  It is through my love of learning that I evolved to the best waxes for my clients.
  • Cleanliness:  I do NOT double dip.  This is a controversial topic within the esthetics community. Most of us believe that it is unsanitary to use the same stick to dip in wax once it has been applied to your body.  This is for your safety.  Those that choose to double dip risk spreading virus’ in my professional opinion.  I also clean my studio after each wax to make sure it is ready for my next client.  If you see me bring out cleaning supplies before you leave, don’t be offended, be grateful that you are getting quality treatment in a sanitary environment.


braz wax


  • Brazilian: $60-$80 for the 1st time, then if $50 if scheduled every four weeks consistently. Note:  Brazilian wax is from front to back.
  • Extended Bikini: $55 for the first time, then $45 if scheduled every four weeks consistently.  Note:  sides to back.
  • Bikini: $45 for the first time, then $35 if scheduled every four weeks consistently. Note:  Sides and front only.
  • Male Brazilian (hair removal): $80-$120 for the first time, and then $70 if scheduled every four weeks consistently.
  • Brows: $20
  • Lip: $10
  • Chin: $15
  • Full Face: $45
  • Partial Legs: $50-$60
  • Full Legs: $80-$100
  • Partial Arms: $35
  • Arms: $40-$60
  • Underarms: $20
  • Back: $55-$75
  • Partial Chest: $40-$60
  • Full Chest: $50-$70
  • Stomach: $40-$60

Prices vary based on whether you choose to wax or sugar as well as the amount of hair that needs to be removed. Keep in mind that every “body” is different and the level of pain tolerance varies.  I can assure you that the quality products I use along with skilled technique decrease the pain significantly.  Further, if you’ve been shaving regularly, the pain threshold might be a little higher on the first visit.  After waxing consistently every 3-4 week’s most people find that the pain and the amount of hair slowly to dissipate over time.



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