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Skin Revision (Non-Surgical), DMK Brand
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Clearing acne, reducing scarring and hyperpigmentation is our specialty.

Say Sayonara to Troubled Skin

And Hello to Natural Healing Holistic Skin Care.

Introducing Alissa, an International Skincare Finalist, trained DMK Paramedical, Skincare Therapist specializing in Skin Revision since 2013. She provides luxury treatments and luxury skincare products that are sourced from only the best ingredients in the world.  You too can experience this International Skincare that truely makes a difference in your skin.

Alissa received her Aesthetics License from the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology in 2013. After receiving exceptional training from Pure Aesthetics Natural Skincare School. Above all, her focus is on using natural and botanical products to create dramatic positive changes.

Select a Luxury DMK Skincare Treatment including Enzymes, 6 layer peel and Advanced Skin Revision Technolgoies.  Furthermore, we have DMK luxury skincare products for you to use at home in between treatments that will support the work we do in the treatment room. Moreover, the DMK line focuses on revising skin conditions that help you look and feel amazing. Our concept is to REVISE, REBUILD, PROTECT and MAINTAIN. I couldn’t be more excited to share the possibilities with you.

Your answer is here. Don’t wait another day. Let me help you fall in love with your skin. Book here.


Luxury Skincare Products at your Fingertips

As a Paramedical Skin Technician, I adapt every service to your specific needs. My luxury treatments and products are customizable to achieve your best skin ever. 

Skin Care Therapy. The best proof of my skills and knowledge is how you’ll look and feel not just immediately after, but two weeks after our appointment.

My passion and knowledge blend together naturally. I am so proud to be helping people feel and look their best. Loving the skin you’re in.

Feeling Radient Today?  You will after your Appointment.  

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