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** Exciting things are happening at Incandescent Skin———————————————————— ** You are invited…———————————————————— Hello, I wanted to briefly update you on a few things.  First I hope you can drop in […]

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Skinful Saturday & Sunscreen

How Best to use sunscreen from leading paramedical skin therapist Incandescent Skin.

Let’s talk about Sunscreen and combating sun damage for a moment. Using a Vitamin C serum along with your sunscreen can boost the effectiveness of your sunscreen. It helps to prevent melanin from forming in your skin that can go on to create sun damage or pigmentation. Vitamin C should be applied under sunscreen as it acts as a scavenger to the sun’s rays which bring free radicals. Furthermore, the sun hunts for Vitamin C and will soak up a topical version before going for the internal version. Lastly, it is a common mistake to assume that once you applied the products you are good for the day. That simply isn’t true. Sunscreen lasts 75 minutes which means if you have ongoing sun exposure, it’s best to reapply.

International Skincare Finalist in the house

DMK Skincare Awards was 5 Stars all the way!———————————————————— We have an International Skincare Finalist in the house. I just got back from a week of Skin Care heaven.  My […]

Toner, the Acid Mantle, and pH

Everything you wanted to know Why is balancing the pH important? There are a variety of reasons why I like my clients to use a toner in their skincare regimen.  […]

Happy New Year! Let’s get Organized

Organize your Make-up and Skincare that is When should you organize your skincare and makeup? Well, there are fun things trending on television including The KonMari Method. I’ve only seen a […]