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Incandescent Skin is the home of Tucson Facials that reduces the signs of aging.

There is nothing more beautiful than well cared for skin. We have a variety of treatments designed to reduce the signs of aging and bring out a natural dewy glow. We can help you select a treatment that addresses your goals for your skin. From Microneedling to Dermaplaning, and Customized Facials, we have the answer for you. Select from a treatment that will address your skin concern.

We will help you maintain beautiful skin using our Clinical and Paramedical-grade products that are both backed and supported by science to provide excellence for remarkable skincare that lasts a lifetime.

If you aren’t sure which treatment to add, call, email or text Alissa with your Looking for skin revision? Check out our DMK Paramedical Skin Revision Treatments.

Incandescent's skin upscale skin treatments include microneedling, dermaplaning and customized facials.  We even have treatments on the go.
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Holistic Tucson Facials and Skin Care in Tucson

Microneedling, Collagen Induction Therapy, Dermaplaning and Customized Facials

Introducing Microneedling to your skin can help with age management while stimulating elastin and collagen as well as acne scars and pigmentation. One of the best treatments for reducing the signs of aging. For best results consider purchasing a series of treatments.

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Instant and lasting results

This is a collagen-induction therapy which is a fancy way of saying it helps your skin make the proteins that keep it looking vibrant and fresh.

It starts with a numbing cream to ease any discomfort. I then use a microneedling pen to trigger your body’s natural healing response in layers of skin it otherwise won’t reach well into. This creates a path for the final step, a hyaluronic acid treatment, to enter your deeper dermal layers and hydrate your skin. The result is instant and lasting hydration and your skin rejuvenating from the inside out. This facial treatment will reduce the signs of aging.

You must have had a facial from me before to qualify for this treatment.

-55 Minutes-


MicroNeedling Series

-Take a step back in time-

One of the most profound things with microneedling is that results build in longevity when you repeat treatments. In a 2008 study people who received four treatments a month apart had a remarkable increase in collagen and elastin, the proteins that support the skin, six months after completing the treatments.

I have brought these results in a microneedling series. Three treatments used over 12 months to bring a level of deep healing you have to see and feel to believe.

To read more about microneedling check out my blog post about it.

$500 Package of 3$1000 Package of 6


Dermaplaning Tucson is an effective treatment for rejuvenating the skin. This treatment all genders and skin tones. This is an effective treatment for anyone wanting to even out their skin tone, reduce fine lines, and reduce acne scarring and increase product penetration for healthy, vibrant skin. This treatment is best every four weeks..

Receive a manual exfoliation, peel and hydrating mask for rejuvenated skin.

$120 Receive 45-minute treatment including peel and hydrating mask
$75 Receive 25-minute dermaplaing on the go with SPF.

Customized Facial

We learned a long time ago that when we list ALL the customized facials to be daunting to our guests. There are many different types of customized facials that we offer; however, products will be hand-selected for your skincare concerns. When you meet with Alissa in person, be sure to describe your desires for your skin. We have customized facials for acne, anti-aging, brightening, hyperpigmentation, peels, and dry skin treatments. This traditional spa facial uses fruit enzymes for exfoliation. Types of exfoliation range and will depend on how often you are receiving treatments. There are different ingredients and properties that can help with your specific skin concerns. Be sure to share your skincare goals at your next appointment so that the perfect treatment can be hand-selected for you.

Receive a customized facial with enzyme and mask. 45-minute

$120 45-minute treatment with enzyme and mask
$75 25-minute treatment with mask