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Introducing an award-winning line, DMK Skin Care Correctives by Danné Montague-King®

It is with great pleasure that I introduce Danné Montague-King® (DMK) to my clientele. I’m so excited to be adding this skincare line to my business.

The DMK concept is “REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN.” Treatments address skin conditions from the inside out whereas many other lines address the concerns with the first few layers of skin. Think of it not as a cosmetic facial but as skin revision.

This new line is complex and addresses everything from acne, hyperpigmentation, age management, and sunspots. With consistent treatments and a home care regimen, we can improve these conditions and preserve the skin.

When we look at the changes in our skin from aging, sunspots or acne, the cause most often is internal. DMK penetrates to the compromised cell and fibroblast and corrects the problems. To maintain the effects, it is crucial that you come in for your scheduled treatments as well as continue with my prescribed therapies. If you want to look the way you do now in ten years, then consider starting the treatments.

We now accept Care Credit along with all major credit cards as well as cash.

DMK Signature Treatment

This custom treatment begins by detoxifying your skin, removing dead skin cells, working on your skin functions, treating your skin concerns and rebuilding you skin barrier.  All DMK enzyme treatments improves the skin’s ability to function, increase cellular regeneration and stimulation of collagen production.  These treatments are suitable for a wide range of conditions such as Aging skin, Acne, Rosacea, Sun damaged and Pigmentation.

90 minutes. Does Not include home care


DMK Muscle Banding Enzyme

This treatment is designed to lift and tighten sagging facial muscles by sending deep contracting signals to on the face and neck.  This remarkable DMK treatment helps to restore optimal skin function which is the key to healthy, firmer skin.  The more treatments the better results.  This is suitable for everyone who wants to maintain youthful and healthy skin.

90-115 minutes.

(Must have at least two DMK signature treatments before this treatment)


(A package of 6, 8 or 12 weeks is available)

DMK Instant Lift Treatment

This treatment firms, brightens and tightens the skin instantly.  An instant “pick me up” for the skin.  The result is visible after just one treatment.  This treatment is typically performed a day or two before a special event.  A perfect treatment for the “Mother of the Bride”.  A great occasion treatment for anyone seeking that instant “wow” factor.


A-Lift Treatment Series

This is a 12 week skin fitness program designed to revise the signs of aging and health of your skin.  By removing redundant skin cells and tightening facial muscles, the DMK A-LIFT treatment works by stimulating the underlying structures of the skin.  It gives the face its own workout, similar to how you would tone and tighten the body with exercise.  The DMK Muscle Banding technique is used in this program.  It will tighten and tone the skin, restoring a healthy youthful appearance.  It works to reduce redness and unsightly capillaries in the skin and provides a vibrant appearance.  The A-Lift uses transdermally delivered formulations that work with the skin’s functions to remind it to function as it did when it was young.  Must be on the DMK Skincare regimen as it supports the efficacy of the treatment.


DMK Consultation

Do you want to target a specific skin condition? Alissa will customize your monthly facials or create a weekly program for 8–12 weeks to address specific concerns.

30-minute consultation: $50

(which will be credited toward first DMK treatment appointment).


30 minutes

DMK Packages

Skin revision happens through commitment and dedication.  Purchase a series of treatments to correct a skin condition.

Series of Three:  $432

Series of Six: $864

Series of Twelve: $1,758

Ask Alissa about Customized Packages

Watch a video about DMK’s award winning skin care line

Series of 3, 6, 9 or 12 treatments