Lashes, Brows & Tinting

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Lashes, Brows & Tinting


What is it that trips you up? Color? Symmetry? Shape?

Eyebrow shape? Check.
Eyebrows matching? Check.
Lash curl? Check.
Lash color? Check.

Sometimes you want to add a little flair and sass to your style. Sometimes you want a leg up on your morning routine. Maybe you want a little extra je ne sais quoi to your look.

No matter what it is, I’ll work with you to find the ideal shade or shades for your skin tone, your eye color, and what you’re looking to accentuate. Sometimes it’ll be one shade, sometimes it’ll be multiple layered ones. Either way, you’re going to love how it looks and you’re going to love how much time you’ll save in the morning.

Come find out why so many women are discovering this little-known game changer for the gem it is!


Lash Tinting

Last 4-6 weeks.  Top of the line lash tint.
Accentuates your eyes.   

25 Minutes

Brow Tinting

Lasts 4-6 weeks.
Top of the line brow tint.
Accentuates your face.
Symmetrical eyebrows with no effort. 

25 Minutes

Lash Perm

Lasting curl for your eyelashes.
Leave your curler in the drawer.
Add a touch of tint to eliminate mascara.     

25 Minutes