The BEST Skin Rejuvenating Technologies in Tucson

Relax, Unwind and Entwine at Incandescent Skin.  Your skin deserves pampering.
Relax, unwind and Entwine at Incandescent Skin

At Incandescent Skin, I strive to create an environment that is relaxing, rejuvenating and corrective. I bring many skills to the industry including experience in treating and maintaining skin through a relaxing touch, yet corrective approach. I consistently continue my education independently while maintaining a practice that addresses all different skin types, including teenage and adult acne, dry/oily skin, improving fine lines, texture, and a better complexion overal. Preserving skins elastin and collagen are the key to maintaining healthy skin. My clients also gain education on treating their skin with a home care prescriptives that will maintain healthy skin in between facials. Find out why Incandescent Skin has the best skin rejuvinating technologies in tucson. 

Another area of skin rejuvinating techologies are taking pride in performing sugaring and waxing services that best meet the needs of my clients. While sugaring is the preferred method of epilation, some still like wax. For wax, I use both soft and hard wax depending on the type of hair removal each client desires. Hair removal is done through proper sanitation that assures that each client walks away satisfied with the results. Clients should plan on returning every three weeks for continued hair removal.

I use an integrative approach to my treatments. As a Life Coach, Reiki practitioner, and experienced Aesthetician, I find that my combined skills create a safe, healing space that will have my clients returning for more of what they need. I do this because I love it! I love helping people feel good about themselves. That is truly my mission in life. You too can find out why Incandescent Skin is the leader in Skin Rejuvinating Technologies in Tucson, AZ.