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Sugar Waxing offers a natural and gentle approach to hair removal, utilizing an organic paste for a smoother experience. Complement your session with our V Vacials and specially crafted products designed to prevent ingrown hairs. Looking for a more permanent solution similar to laser treatments? Inquire about EPILFREE. For more comprehensive treatment details, click 'Learn More'

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Our Medical-Grade Skincare offers exceptional results for various skin conditions by blending professional treatments with personalized at-home care to ensure optimal outcomes. We specialize in treating multicultural skin types using DMK Enzyme/StemZyme therapies, medium-depth peels, and more. For additional information, click 'Learn More'.

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Incandescent Skin meets all your skincare needs, from Dermaplaning to Lash & Brow Henna Tint. Enhance your treatments with our recommended home prescriptives to refine your skincare regimen. Click 'Learn More' for more details.

Luxury Facial Treatment & 30 Minute Facial

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Clinically trained in Medical Skin Care & Non-Surgical Skin Revision.

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Sugaring hair removal is 100% organic, less painful and better for your skin.

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Peruse our express and regular facial treatments.

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Alissa Caillet, Holistic Skin Revisionist

Alissa isn't your average skincare specialist; she's an International Skincare Finalist and a Renowned Trainer. With her extensive background in Holistic and Medical Skin Revision training, she's a true expert in addressing a wide range of skin concerns — from signs of aging and acne to scarring and pigmentation. Embark on an international skincare journey with Alissa and witness a remarkable transformation in your skin.

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We understand the unique challenges of traveling for skin revision treatments. To ensure your journey is seamless, we've carefully curated a list of recommended accommodations, local dining gems, and must-visit locations. For local insights and assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 💌 Alissa@incandescentskin.com.

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Blog Plasmatic effect

DMK Skincare: Enzyme Therapy vs. Stemzyme Treatments

The photo is a plasmatic effect that sometimes takes place after an enzyme treatment.applied and starts to take effect. This effect is a key indicator that the treatment is working to enhance blood circulation to the skin’s surface.

How the Plasmatic Effect Works
Increased Blood Flow: The enzyme mask creates conditions under which blood flow to the face is increased. This is achieved through the action of the enzymes that promote vasodilation, or the widening of blood vessels.
Oxygen and Nutrient Delivery: With increased blood flow, there is an improved delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. This helps in nourishing the skin cells, supporting their health and functionality.
Enhanced Detoxification: The enhanced circulation also facilitates better lymphatic drainage, which is crucial for removing toxins and waste products from skin tissues.
Benefits of the Plasmatic Effect
Improved Skin Texture and Tone: As the skin receives more nutrients and oxygen, it can lead to an improvement in texture and an evening out of skin tone.
Healthier Skin Function: The increased circulation supports the natural biological processes of the skin, promoting overall skin health.
Visual Confirmation of Effectiveness: The visible plasmatic effect serves as a visual confirmation that the treatment is actively enhancing circulation and skin function.
This effect is temporary and typically subsides after the mask is removed and the treatment concludes. It is considered a positive sign that the enzymatic and physiological processes promoted by the DMK Enzyme Therapy are actively working to rejuvenate and heal the skin.

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