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Plasmatic effectBlog

DMK Skincare: Enzyme Therapy vs. Stemzyme Treatments

The photo is a plasmatic effect that sometimes takes place after an enzyme treatment.applied and starts to take effect. This effect is a key indicator that the treatment is working to enhance blood circulation to the skin’s surface.

How the Plasmatic Effect Works
Increased Blood Flow: The enzyme mask creates conditions under which blood flow to the face is increased. This is achieved through the action of the enzymes that promote vasodilation, or the widening of blood vessels.
Oxygen and Nutrient Delivery: With increased blood flow, there is an improved delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. This helps in nourishing the skin cells, supporting their health and functionality.
Enhanced Detoxification: The enhanced circulation also facilitates better lymphatic drainage, which is crucial for removing toxins and waste products from skin tissues.
Benefits of the Plasmatic Effect
Improved Skin Texture and Tone: As the skin receives more nutrients and oxygen, it can lead to an improvement in texture and an evening out of skin tone.
Healthier Skin Function: The increased circulation supports the natural biological processes of the skin, promoting overall skin health.
Visual Confirmation of Effectiveness: The visible plasmatic effect serves as a visual confirmation that the treatment is actively enhancing circulation and skin function.
This effect is temporary and typically subsides after the mask is removed and the treatment concludes. It is considered a positive sign that the enzymatic and physiological processes promoted by the DMK Enzyme Therapy are actively working to rejuvenate and heal the skin.


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Skincare ResolutionBlog

Unlocking Radiant Skin: Setting Your 2024 Skincare Resolutions

With the dawn of the New Year comes the perfect opportunity not just to declutter our lives, but also to invigorate our skincare routines. As the calendar turns, it presents a fresh chance to commit to achieving healthier, more radiant skin. Why not commence the year with a resolution that not only boosts your confidence but also nurtures your body’s largest organ – your skin?

In this blog, we explore the often underestimated significance of investing in skincare. We delve into the potential pitfalls of budget-driven choices, the pitfalls of drugstore skincare, and the critical importance of providing your skin with the care it deserves. Discover why setting skincare resolutions should be a non-negotiable part of your daily life, offering you the key to maintaining your skin’s health and vitality.

Our post highlights the diverse nature of skin, akin to the diversity of individuals it covers. We discuss how genetic predispositions play a role in determining your skin type and delve into the myriad factors that can influence your skin’s unique needs. We also share insights from our clients who have embarked on their skincare journey, providing valuable lessons on what works and what doesn’t.

Furthermore, we offer practical recommendations to help you establish a successful skincare routine. Learn about the importance of consistency and how to use technology to stay on track. Discover the power of visual reminders and rewards in ensuring you remain dedicated to your skincare goals.

As you embark on your skincare journey for the New Year, remember that it’s not just a resolution; it’s an investment in your well-being. Let us guide you toward healthier, more radiant skin in the months ahead.

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