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Why Dermaplaning is the bomb at Exfoliating

Find out why Dermaplaning is the powerhouse of facials Dermaplaning treatments are the powerhouse of facials and once you receive a treatment, you’ll know why. Your skin is instantly transformed …

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What happens when water evaporates from your skin?

Skin conditions can be upsetting and frustrating. Looking in the mirror can sometimes become depressing because the skin is out of control or resisting home treatments. I feel you, my …


International Skincare Finalist in the house

2019 DMK Skincare Awards was 5 Stars all the way!———————————————————— We have an International Skincare Finalist in the house. I just got back from a week of Skin Care heaven.  …

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Is Sugarwax Replacing Traditional Wax in 2020?

Alissa Caillet is an expert educator and sugarist who resides in Tucson, AZ. Creating the best sugaring experience ever for each person.

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Extraordinary Results-Driven Skin Revision

“REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN” I’ve been using a clinical line that focuses on skin revision for two years now. The DMK concept is “REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN”. Treatments address skin …