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Facials That Reduces The Signs Of Aging

There is nothing more beautiful than well cared for skin. We have a variety of treatments designed to address acne swelling, clear bacteria, reduce the signs of aging and bring out a natural dewy glow. Should you select a customized facial, products will be hand-selected based on your skin analysis and your desires for your skin. From Dermaplaning to Customized Facials, we have facials that reduce the signs of aging and give you that ultimate look of timeless beauty. Most importantly, we help you maintain beautiful skin using our Clinical and Paramedical-grade products at home that are both backed and supported by science to provide excellence for remarkable skincare that lasts a lifetime.

Looking for skin revision? Check out our DMK Paramedical Skin Revision Treatments.

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Beautiful Skin is one phone call away.

First-time Clients

First-time Clients:  $185 Everyone’s skin is different. Incandescent Skin is a skin clinic that revises skin. Whether you are looking for skin revision or a spa facial, everyone must start with this treatment. This includes a consultation, treatment plan, home prescriptive recommendations, and a mini treatment to start. 

$185 90 minute treatment including consultation

Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning Tucson is an amazing treatment for rejuvenating the skin. This treatment is for anyone wanting to improve their skin tone and texture. It is an effective treatment for anyone wanting to even out skin tone, reduce fine lines, reduce acne scarring, and increase product penetration for healthy, vibrant skin. Above all, you’ll leave with dewy skin.

Receive a manual exfoliation, peel and hydrating mask for rejuvenated skin.

$84 Receive 25-minute dermaplaning on the go with SPF. $134 Receive 45-50 minute treatment including peel and hydrating mask

Customized Facial: Acne Facials & Luminous Skin Treatments

We love providing facials that reduce the signs of aging. However, a long time ago we realized that it doesn’t make sense to list all of the different types of facials in our menu. You’re coming to me because I’m the expert, right? It’s best to allow me to hand select products that are best for your skin care goals and needs. We proudly specialize in acne facials, anti-aging, brightening, hyperpigmentation, peels, and dry skin treatments. These traditional spa facials use fruit enzymes for exfoliation. Types of exfoliation range and will depend on how often you are receiving treatments. There are different ingredients and properties that can help with your specific skin concerns. Finally, be sure to share your skincare goals at your next appointment so that the perfect treatment can be hand-selected for you.

$134 45-50 minute treatment with enzyme and mask, $84 25-minute treatment with mask



Lashes, Brows & Tinting

What is it that trips you up? Color? Symmetry? Shape? Brow Tint and Lash Tint perhaps?

Eyebrow shape? Check.
Eyebrows matching? Check.
Lash color? Check.

Sometimes you want to add a little flair and sass to your style. Sometimes you want a leg up on your morning routine. Maybe you want a little extra je ne sais quoi to your look. We have the perfect brow tint and lash tints just for you. No matter what it is, I’ll work with you to find the ideal shade or shades for your skin tone, your eye color, and what you’re looking to accentuate. Sometimes it will be one shade, sometimes it will be multiple layered ones. Either way, you’re going to love how it looks and you’re going to love how much time you’ll save in the morning.

Come find out why so many women and men are discovering this little-known game changer for the gem it is!

Lash Tinting

Last 4-6 weeks.  Top of the line lash tint.
Accentuates your eyes.   

25 Minutes


Brow Tinting

Lasts 4-6 weeks.
Top of the line brow tint.
Accentuates your face.
Symmetrical eyebrows with no effort. 

25 Minutes

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