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Are you troubled by the visible signs of aging on your skin? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Millions worldwide are on a quest to combat wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots, seeking that elusive fountain of youth.

Enter retinoids – the superheroes of skincare. These vitamin A derivatives are renowned for their remarkable ability to address various skin concerns, from acne to psoriasis, and yes, those telltale signs of aging.

How Retinoids Work Their Magic:

Retinoids work wonders by increasing cell turnover and stimulating collagen production. This dynamic duo helps diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and improves overall skin texture. Additionally, retinoids are known to reduce acne breakouts and tackle skin discoloration. However, it’s important to note that patience is key, as results may take several weeks, or even months, to become evident. A word of caution: retinoids should be avoided during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Beyond Prescription: Professional Products for Radiance:

In addition to prescription retinoids, there are professional-grade products that can be your skin’s best friend. These items are exclusively available through your trusted skin revisionist or aesthetician. While not as potent as prescription options, they can still provide significant benefits to your skin. Start with a lower concentration to prevent irritation and use them as directed for optimal results.

Selecting the Right Retinol:

The choice of retinoid depends on your unique skin type and concerns. Common prescription strength topical retinoids for the face include adapalene (found in Differin®, Epiduo®), alitretinoin (Panretin®), bexarotene (Targretin®), and tazarotene (found in Tazorac®, Avage®). Others, like tretinoin (Retin-A®, Renova®), isotretinoin (Accutane®), and acitretin (Soriatane®), are less commonly prescribed for facial use.

At Incandescent Skin, we work with a range of exceptional retinoid products to cater to your specific needs:

  • DMK’s Revitison and Revis-A:
  • Revitison, 2% vitamin A cream that you use at night. It also contains vitamin A derivatives Retinyl Palmitate and Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate, making it great at rebuilding tissue.
  • Revis-A, which contains .5% vitamin A and Salicylic Acid, making it great for guests experiencing slight breakouts who are in a skin revision program.
  • SkinBetter’s AlphaRet:
  • AlphaRet is a unique blend of retinoid and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) for improved texture, tone, and radiance. It contains 0.5% retinoid and 10% glycolic acid, making it more potent than many over-the-counter options. Plus, it’s fortified with antioxidants and ceramides.
  • Noon Aesthetics Retinol Charisma:
  • Retinol Charisma packs a punch with 1% retinol, perfect for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It also includes vitamin C, niacinamide, and ceramides for brightening, hydrating, and refining the skin’s texture and tone.
  • Hale & Hush’s Rare Retinal Serum
  • features a gentle, non-irritating form of Vitamin A designed to combat signs of aging, enhance skin tone, and improve texture. Suitable for all skin types, this serum increases cell turnover and stimulates collagen production for a more youthful complexion.

The Perfect Regimen:

Remember, achieving your desired results isn’t just about retinoids. Incorporate a daily skincare routine with complementary professional products, protect your skin from UV damage with sunscreen, stay hydrated, and maintain a balanced diet. Consistency is key.

Before diving in, consult your skin revisionist or aesthetician to find the right retinoid for you, considering your skin’s sensitivity. Start gently and gradually increase strength to avoid irritation. And always, always wear sunscreen; retinoids can make your skin more susceptible to UV rays.

Ready to embark on your journey to timeless beauty? Book a consultation with us at Incandescent Skin. We also offer virtual appointments for your convenience. Your radiant, youthful skin awaits!

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