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By Alissa Caillet, Skin Revisionist at Incandescent Skin

I try very hard to keep up with all the skincare trends. I’ve recently discovered Tik Toc and I’m not going to lie, I’m having a blast discovering this social media avenue. I’ve been having lots of fun making videos and I spend a small chunk of time exploring what topics the younger generation is making videos about. I chuckled when I came across “skin cycling”. As a Skin Revisionist, I’ve been prescribing this type of treatment for years. I’ve never had a name for it other than Home Prescriptives. Skin Cycling is a new trendy name for what I do. Then, I thought I better do some research and of course, the literature doesn’t mention a word about Aestheticians/Skin Revisionists. But it’s cool. I’m here to help educate.

As a dermal therapist or skin revisionist, I help my clients achieve the best results within their budget simply said. If money is no object, then we can have a whole lotta fun with your skincare regimen. The only concern I have is that many people don’t understand how the skin works and end up doing too much to their skin when it comes to active ingredients. You can do more damage than good when you’re guessing what products to use. Trust me when I say that the big skincare stores in the mall LOVE this type of person who embraces trends. First, you make a trendy purchase of the latest and greatest skin product which is more of a gamble on your skin. Second, you compromise your skin barrier by using too many active ingredients too often. Third, trendy buyer returns to mall skincare store to guess at another purchase only to continue on the same perpetual cycle. I’ve seen beautiful skin go downhill quickly with guesswork. The other problem I have is that every person’s skin is different. Let me say it louder for the kids in the back…EVERY PERSON’S SKIN IS DIFFERENT! The type of treatment I will do on my oiler client is very different from what I’m going to do on my dryer-skinned client. The skin regimen I will prescribe for an African Skin client might be very different than my Indian Skin client. This is why it is BEST to work with a professional Skin Revisionist to find a “skin cycling” program that works best for your skin.

Simply stated, skin cycling is alternating active ingredients to achieve the greatest results for your skin. There are retinoids, specialty creams such as lightning creams, Manual exfoliators, chemical exfoliators, masks, and timing/pacing for the application of your daily skincare products. But which ones should you use? The answer is it depends. What is your age? What is the condition of your skin? How is your diet? What type of environmental pollutants are you exposed to? Do you have any skin conditions presently? ie. fine lines/wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation, melasma? What does your skin look like under your epidermis? Do you have sun damage? So much goes into Skin Revision and having an extensive background and education on the science of skin is pivotal to home prescriptives.

If you are not working with a professional and you really want to see how a product works for you, then I will give you a conservative recommendation to start. At a minimum, you should be cleansing your skin, using a serum, moisturizer, and SPF (in the morning) every morning AND night. This is the first step. Get into this self-care habit first. Truly commit to the process. Starting with a basic skincare routine alone will change the consistency of your skin. Once you have an established skincare routine for at least 8 weeks in a row, then add one new treatment per month. Start with a weekly mask. If your skin is oily, choose a mud mask or clarifying mask that will absorb the additional oils. Do you have dry skin? Choose a hydrating mask to use weekly. Pick a day (like Sunday) and then commit to that every Sunday. The next month, choose an exfoliant to use once per week for the next month. Caution, this piece can be tricky and it’s worth investing in a good exfoliant. Grocery store exfoliants like St. Ives make Aestheticians shutter as they can cause micro-tears into the skin making skin worse. When in doubt, visit your local Aesthetican for home care recommendations. I personally do consultations for people who only want to do home care treatments. Yes, I charge for my time, but I promise you it is worth the investment especially when it comes to choosing active ingredients for your skin. When working with a Skin Revisionist, you can accelerate your cycling schedule for beautiful results.

Alissa Caillet is an award winning Skin Revisionist who owns Incandescent Skin, LLC located in sunny Tucson, Arizona. She has been helping people revise their skin since 2013. She has a wide array of clients both within the United States as well as Internationally. Book an Online Consultation for product recommendations for your skin. Looking for professional products for your skin? Visit www.homeprescritpvies.com to shop professional skincare that will make a difference for your skin.

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