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What is the normal pH of the Vagina

pH for the vagina is the new buzzword in the sugaring world. I’ve been getting a lot of clients with this question lately and I thought it was time to write a blog to dispel myths and educate future clients on the importance of balancing the pH of the skin.

When you think of skin products, we know that historically toner is the key to balancing the pH of the skin; however, with new and improved skincare formulas, your skin’s pH is balanced by all the other professional products you use.  

According to healthline.com, the normal pH of a vagina should be around 3.8-4.5. This is more on the acidic side of vaginal health but can change with other factors including age, honorees, and so forth. 

What exactly causes of vaginal pH to become off balance? The answer might surprise you. Basically, anything you put inside your body vaginally or through food/supplements can distort the pH balance. For example, unprotected sex (specifically semen can increase pH), sexually transmitted diseases, antibiotics, douching, and lack of hygiene issues.

Signs that the vaginal pH is unbalanced include:

  • a foul odor
  • white, gray, or green discharge
  • vaginal itching
  • burning when urinating.

The most common way to correct your vaginal pH is with medication prescribed by a doctor.

Your vagina is a self-cleaning machine. Seriously, less is more. Douching for example is so very unnecessary. It can really throw your pH off and cause irritation and even infection. Instead, consider keeping your lady bits clean and eliminate after intercourse to stay on the safe side.

Cleaning the inside of your vagina/vulva is what matters and can really adjust the pH, however, the products used for sugaring as well as V facials do not go inside the volva. Therefore, there is less of a concern when it comes to keeping the pH balanced. 

For my clients who have purchased the soap and mitt, I retail to maintain healthy skin between sugaring appointments, rest assured this will not affect the pH of your vagina as long as you don’t put it inside your vagina (which it was never intended for).  Your vagina will keep itself clean; however, if you are struggling with vaginal discomfort, consider making an appointment with your gynecologist or primary care physician.  

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