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DMK’s Enzyme mask is strange. It’s nothing like a relaxing spa facial where you might receive a gentle exfoliant or peel along with a hydrating mask. When one seeks a spa facial, you are looking to be pampered and relax. DMK treatments are different and I’m hoping to dispell the misnomers behind these treatments. This article will tell you everything you wanted to know about DMK Enzymes.

“…when people book an appointment for a DMK treatment, they are looking to improve their skin condition…”

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DMK Enzymes, Plasmatic Effect, Tucson Skin Care

When people book an appointment for a DMK treatment, they are looking to improve their skin condition or work on aging gracefully. Each treatment is customized according to what we are working on. Generally, treatment includes a cleanse, pre-treatment that lasts 5-10 minutes, prepping the skin for the DMK enzyme mask and finally the mask application. Once the mask is on the skin and decollate (upper chest and neck), it will tighten as it drys. I leave the mask on for 35-40 minutes, then I have the client shower in our in-office shower to remove the enzyme. Lastly, I put on the finishing products and the treatment is completed within 60-90 minutes.

“enzymes mimic the body’s chemistry”

What do Enzymes do? They are biological catalysts that orchestrate all molecular activity in the skin and body. These specific enzymes mimic the body’s chemistry. They are living substances that regulate skin health and work with certain minerals in our bodies to form an antioxidant system. They remove dead protein (dead skin cells), toxins and other effluvia from the epidermis using ‘reverse osmosis”. Reverse osmosis then ‘back flushes’ fluids through the cell wall leaving a clean, clear, toxin-free skin structure. Enzymes also initiate free water levels within the skin gaining the desired balance for those suffering from transepidermal water loss. In short, DMK’s enzyme therapy is a splendid way to get your skin functioning optimally as well as being able to see a visual difference.

“Enzymes don’t penetrate the dermis, they activate it”

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DMK Enzyme Therapy, Tucson Skin Care, Tucson Skin Revision

Enzymes help the skin through hormone-like messengers that stimulate an immediate response at a dermal level. Enzymes don’t penetrate the dermis, they activate it which is really exciting when your collagen and elastin production slows down. Furthermore, DMK enzymes contain the amino acids Proline, Glycine and Lysine to stimulate fibroblast cell activity which is responsible for the new collagen fibers. As a result, some get the “plasmatic effect‘. This is lymph drainage in action. As the mask tightest the skin gradually, it promotes a rush of fresh new oxygenated blood from within the skin, due to dilated capillaries. DMK Enzymes are actually True Oxygen Therapy.

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