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I don’t know about you, but the summer of 2022 is proving to be a reset time for me. After finishing some major life transitions (two children graduating from College & High School), a reset in business (new treatments are on the way in), and an overall personal overhaul of healing (thank you to my trusty therapist), I am ready to clean house, so to speak.

When we connect authentically, I find that we have messages, stories, and experiences that often helps one another. That is why I sometimes share personal stories with my readers.

2022 is about aging gracefully for me. Taking the time to reflect on my life experiences with what defines me (and what doesn’t) is what I’ve been processing as of late. Who am I? Well, I am a mother of two very different, but amazing human beings. My job didn’t end once they turned 18, but it has definetely shifted.

I’m watching my body change from skin changes to body changes. I’m experiencing cognitive changes with waking up feeling fuzzy at times. I’m on the verge of turning 50 which doesn’t seem like a big deal when my friends and family age, but when I am the person aging, it feels different. Ch ch ch ch changes…as Bowie would say.

The thing about being a healer is that Ive had a lot of wonderful information/advice come through me for others but when it comes to giving myself that same compassion, I tend to forget that I am deserving of that too. So here is a list of advice I am giving myself. I hope it resonates with people of all ages.

1. Whisper positive phrases to yourself. Learning to love yourself gives you a different type of confidence. Try affirmations. They work!

2. Buy less “things” and save money to travel. Experiences give a rich quality of life. Run towards life and embrace all that it has to offer. Staying stagnant ages you.

3. Being discarded by someone you thought was a friend is actually a gift. Trust that the universe is helping you clean house from toxic dust.

4. No matter what your mood, listen to music often. Find music that calms your mind or makes you dance. It is sure to bring happiness.

5. Silence your phone and put it down. It’s ok to check out for a bit and be more present for others.

6. Go to bed early and wake up early. Most of the people in your life do this and they aren’t crazy like you used to think. Give it a try.

7. Find a plant to take care of, love, and adore. Research supports that taking care of one plant increases happiness (and decreases depression). Plants respond to loving words. Say “good morning my beautiful plant” and watch it beam with delight.

8. Start Implementing self-care such as taking a relaxing bath or reading a book for leisure. This will be hard for you because your mind is always going in a million different directions and if you aren’t doing something around work, you tend to think you’re being a slacker. Change the narrative.

9. Don’t get people pleasing mixed up with doing something nice for someone. Do it because you want nothing in return. Seeking validation is a trap!

10. Don’t get angry with people who tell you how they think you should feel. Those people aren’t evolved and believe that judging others sets them apart.

11. Honor yourself (younger self too) and get comfortable with boundaries. They provide safety and honor the part of you that wasn’t protected when others took advantage.

12. Save yourself. We are conditioned to wish for a night and shining armor to save us (thank’s Disney), but the truth is the biggest hero is yourself. No one can rescue you except YOU.

13. F*ck fear. Don’t let fear fuel your choices in life. Fear keeps you down. Fear disguises itself as avoiding failure. It doesn’t matter what people think. You do you!

14. You were conditioned to fix other people’s problems. The truth of it is…the secret to help others is to work on yourself. That is the greatest gift you can give. Others derive strength and inspiration to fix their own problems when surrounded by healthy functioning people.

15. Buy the popsicles from the ice cream truck in your neighborhood. Run through the sprinklers. Do things that meet that inner child’s needs.

16. Throughout the years, you are going to be an expert at what is “wrong” with you. Try to go easy on yourself and take the time to find what’s right with you. You will look back in 20 years from now and think “damn, I looked pretty good”.

17. This goes without saying as a skincare therapist…but girl, wash your face before you go to bed at night. Sleeping in your make up ages you. Really! Taking care of your skin from an early age will serve you well.

18. Take responsibility for your actions. Everyone makes mistakes and spending time blaming others will not fix the problem. Even if someone has more fault, take a hard look at your behavior. This is how we grow.

19. Drink more water. Carbonated beverages will bring your energy and immunity down if consumed every day. When it comes to sweets, think moderation. It will reep exxcellent rewrds. I promise!

20. Move your body. Exercise. Get your heart rate up. You actually feel really good once you get into a routine. Your body craves cardio and you get more energy. Aim for once a week at least. Its totally worth it!

After consulting with some friends, I’ve decided to add a few more.

21. Listen to criticism, but use it as consultation and not truth. This goes along with putting a high value on people’s opinions. I’ve struggled with this for years and finally using it as consultation instead. This is important**

22. Listen to your intuition, always, and trust it. What is intuition? For me, it’s that little voice within that tells me what is good and what is not for your body, mind, and spirit.

What would you say to your younger self?

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