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Opening Hours - By Appointment Only

By Appointment Only: Book Online to see availability or Text with questions.

** Exciting things are happening at Incandescent Skin

** You are invited…


I wanted to briefly update you on a few things.  First I hope you can drop in to my Open House on 09/20/19.  The email address I gave in my last news blast was incorrect.  Please RSVP to:


You can also RSVP to the event I created on Facebook.  Visit Incandescent Skin to see the event. I, along with the other businesses in my building will be raffling off various goods and treatments. One entry per person. If you bring a friend, you will receive an additional entry. Woohoo!

I’ve recently completed my paramedical skincare training.  I have some amazing tools to help revise skin.  If you would like help with your skin give me a call or schedule an online consult. I’m here to help and answer your questions.

If you or someone you know is frustrated with their pigmentation, sun spots, rosacea, scarring (from plastic surgery or injury to the body), severe, moderate or mild acne, stretchmarks marks or folliculitis, I can help.

My next news blast will go into more detail about what “paramedical” skincare means.

I hope to see you at the Open House.  In the meantime have a BEAUTIFUL Day!

Enjoy that full moon glow.


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