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Top Tucson Paramedical Spa to Unveil New Facility Offering Exclusive Introductory Discounts!

Incandescent Skin Clinic is a hidden gem in the heart of Tucson, AZ. They focus on non-surgical alternative treatments correcting skin conditions while rejuvenating the way the skin looks and feels. Incandescent Skin, a Paramedical Skin Clinic, now located at 1200 N. El Dorado Place, Suite D-410, Tucson, AZ 85715, is opening this new location with offers for exclusive discounts on select services effective May 1, 2021.

Positive skin confidence can be interrupted by wrinkles or dark spots on the face. This updated, state of the art facility is equipped to help address and correct those concerns.  Incandescent Skin Clinic has a primary goal to focus on helping people feel good within their skin. Their paramedical tools address skin conditions such as eczema, acne, acne scars, pigmentation, and melasma, as well as aging gracefully.

Alissa Caillet, the owner and practitioner at Incandescent Skin Clinic, has a masters in education which made it fitting to extend her aesthetic business into education and training. She understands what it takes to be the very best.  One of her main commitments outside the clinic is to engage in continuing education alongside thoroughly analyzed and esteemed services with superior products surrounding paramedical tools for non-surgical skin revision. She intends to receive training from Elaine Brennan and Microcurrent in 2021 to deliver additional skin renewal treatments that will be integrated with the popular paramedical treatments she currently provides.  Her commitment and passion for education, critical thinking with safety standards in place, is what sets her apart from others in the industry. 

Contributing to the Tucson Community is also a joyous activity that Incandescent Skin takes pride in. Recently, Incandescent Skin donated some products and gift certificate to the Ronald McDonald house for their Red Shoe Silent Auction. Currently, Incandescent Skin is sponsoring Alyssa Diaz, a Royal International Model who holds the title of Miss Arizona. Miss Diaz is passionate about finding a cure for cancer.  This aligns closely with Incandescent Skin’s beliefs too.

Alissa received extensive paramedical training through DMK and has been utilizing this line for the past four years. DMK is internationally known and has gained well deserved accolades in the USA. All products are hand selected for each individual and can not be purchased at popular online or local aesthetic stores. The clinical line requires special coaching for each client which is why a consultation is required to begin. 

Incandescent Skin Clinic is also expanding their aesthetic training for Sugaring Hair Removal. Their new location will allow them to share their expertise and educate licensed aestheticians globally so that they too will be able to deliver the beautiful art of sugaring services.  

Alissa’s commitment and passion for quality treatments is evident by the fact that she has had a Medical Director since, 2020. Dr. Becky Whelchel became Incandescent Skin’s medical director and she is a treasured addition. She is also available for virtual appointments if prescriptions are required to heal specific skin conditions beyond Alissa’s scope.

Throughout May, Incandescent Skin will extend special discounts on all cutting edge cosmetic services and anti-aging treatments.  Book a consultation for 50% off as well as purchasing a series of treatments and home prescriptives (professional skincare to use at home) for 20% off.  In celebration of their new location, these discounts are available for both new and existing clients. 

Find out why clients are raving about how their skin is Incandescently glowing.

Alissa Caillet

Incandescent Skin, Elegance in Every Way

1200 N. El Dorado Place, Suite D410

Tucson, Arizona 85715





Instagram: @dmktucson

Facebook: @incandescentskin

Twitter: @incandescentsws

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alissa-caillet-paramedical-skin-revision-therapist-a36303180/

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