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DMK’s amazing Enzyme Treatments were featured on NBC’s The Today Show

The other day, the Today Show featured Beauty Secrets from Around the World. They chose DMK skin and our enzyme mask treatment to feature first. Watch the video clip below and check out other videos that feature this enzyme mask. You too can experience the amazement right here in Tucson, Arizona. Incandescent Skin is the exclusive DMK face place in Tucson, Arizona.

Check out the clip here. 

To book your DMK enzyme treatment click here to Book Now  We are also considering a new service for those out of town. Would you be interested in scheduling a Skype or Facetime Consultation? Alissa can help you select DMK skincare to start revising your skin from the comfort of your own home. Tell us what you think! Email Alissa at Alissa@incandescentskin.com

Incandescent Skin 3134 N. Swan Road, Tucson, Arizona 85712 520.812.6802

Do you have a severe skin condition such as Acne? I am looking for a few models to do a full twelve-week skin revision process. This would involve a commitment of weekly treatments in the office, commitment to using and purchasing the full DMK Skincare products to use at home in between treatments. Clients who are selected will receive their weekly treatments for FREE! That’s right–Free. You must agree to follow through with home prescriptions, nutrition, and some behavior changes during the 12 weeks. You will pay for the skincare products you use at home. This is a $2500 value. Read more about it here.

View other DMK Video’s Here

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