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Five steps to improve your skin 🌷

1. De-stress: We don’t give this oppressive ailment enough credit for the damage it causes. We think about what can we tangibly do to help our skin. I get it. I’m an action girl myself, however, stress can cause so much disharmony within the body that it’s worth learning about ways to destress. So much research has been done on meditation and an app I love is called “Insight Timer”. You can listen to a short meditation for free while destressing for just a few minutes. What do you have to lose? 😰

2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Water, water, water! I’ve met so many people over the years that can’t stand the taste of water. 60% of your body is made up of water. Think about it. If you aren’t replenishing your water, then you are drying up, your skin becomes dehydrated and visibly look dull, gray, and dry. Take the time to search for water that you like to drink. Spruce it up with some lemon juice or throw some cucumber in your water for better-tasting water. Divide your weight by 2 and convert that number to ounces. That is how much water your body needs daily. It will improve your skin, 💯

3. Choosing the right skin care line for your skin with active ingredients will make a difference. A lot of the grocery store products are watered down, fillers, irritants, and comedogenic (cause breakouts in the skin) ingredients. The amount of active ingredients that actually make a difference for your skin is minuscule. Choosing a Skincare Expert to help you select products that work with your skin conditions or to maintain your skin is key. 😍

4. Professional Skin Treatments are a must. While I personally prefer to work with your skin consistently every few weeks for the best results, not everyone has the time or money to make this kind of commitment. However, you are the only person who can make your skin a priority. If you need a budget-friendly plan, shoot for a facial treatment every 3 months. This will give your skin an excellent exfoliation and hydration session along with consulting with your Aesthetician about the progress of your skin. Equally, if buying professional products seems financially daunting, then you can budget to add a product or two each month until you have the full professional line. ✅

5. Cool down those hot showers. After a long day, stiff muscles many people like to take showers. Usually multiple showers a day. Have you seen the funny posts from Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis? They received major flack for not bathing their children every day, however, they handled the judgment beautifully. The truth is if you can strip your skin of its natural oils from the skin’s lipid barrier. It can cause the skin to become dry and compromised. If taking multiple showers a day is something you aren’t willing to part with, at least take a lukewarm shower and move to a good solid rinse. 🚿🛀

Gee, maybe I should have moved this to my blog. I have a lot of articles on skincare and if you’d like to read more, visit http://incandescentskin.com/blogs/

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