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How best to use Sunscreen

Skinful Saturday & Sunscreen

Let’s talk about combating sun damage with sunscreen and combating sun damage for a moment.  Using a Vitamin C serum along with your sunscreen can boost the effectiveness of your sunscreen.  It helps to prevent melanin from forming in your skin that can go on to create sun damage or pigmentation.  Vitamin C serums should be applied under sunscreen because it acts as a scavenger to the sun’s rays which bring free radicals. Furthermore, the sun hunts for Vitamin C and will soak up a topical version before going for the internal version.  Lastly, it is a common mistake to assume that once you apply the products you are good for the day. That simply isn’t true. Sunscreen lasts 75 minutes which means if you have ongoing sun exposure, it’s best to reapply.
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DMK Products boost Sunscreen

In this 2017 video, founder and formulator of the DMK product line Danne Montague-King discusses the benefits of Beta Gel and sun exposure.  Beta gel has been coined “liquid gold” and also has vitamin c in the formulation.  It also acts as a wound healer if used early enough in the healing process.  This is a core product in the home care regimen for skin revision. Adding both DMK Sunscreen (SPF 15 or 30) as well as a vitamin C serum can boost your skin’s immunity and give it an edge against combating sun damage.

Schedule a consultation with Alissa for a thorough skin analysis to see what DMK Skincare Products are best for your skin. Combating Sun damage and hyperpigmentation with Sunscreen is a must in Tucson. Finding tips and tricks to implement in your life can make a world of difference as you age.

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