What’s the point of using a toner for the skin?

There are a variety of reasons why I like my clients to use a toner in their morning and nightly regimen.  Sometimes I even prescribe toner to use during the day. Here’s why. Everyone has a thick layer of skin that prevents bacteria from entering the cells.  This is called an acid mantle. The acid mantle can be stripped by harsh cleanser and even sun damage. When the acid mantle is compromised people are at risk for infection, breakouts and even rashes.

oner is pivotal in restoring and maintaining the acid mantle.  It helps balance the pH of the skin.  The acid mantle protects the skin before bacteria can enter the body.  The pH also helps maintain the moisture and combats dehydration. Some toners have humectants in them that binds moisture to the skin. It is also a refreshing feeling for the dermis.  I like to have my athletes and teenagers carry a bottle in their gym bags after a good workout as a preventative.  I think the question is more “what’s not to love about toner?”.  

Unfortunately, most grocery store brands have bad ingredients including alcohol. This is why I promote professional products.  The skincare lines I have selected have award-winning toners that really work. When you come in for a professional treatment, ask me for help you choosing the right toner for your skin.

XOXO, ~Alissa
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