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DMK Body Enzyme, firm up body and decrease cellulite
<span style=color053a77 class=has inline color><strong>Firm up your Tush with Incandescent Skins Bootylicious body firming enzyme treatment<strong><span>

The Booty Firming Treatment

Do you have a bootylicious bottom? DMK Body Enzyme Therapy can keep your booty firm and reduce cellulite over time. This buttock firming treatment does not discriminate between men and women. If you are a bodybuilder, dancer, athlete or better yet, do you have a booty? I have good news. You can now book a Bootylicious Bottom Treatment on the regular.

DMK Enzyme, plasmatic effect, the one true oxygen treatment
Do you want to firm up your bottom side Our body enzyme firms the skin helps reduce with acne breakouts and flushes out toxins through lymph drainage

What is the Booty Treatment all about?

This buttocks firming treatment uses a body mask that uses enzymes that are naturally occurring in our body to flush out toxins. This treatment improves the skin’s immune system and helps clear acne and/or firm saggy skin. Benefits include the rear-end and back of the upper thighs. It includes deep cleansing (no extractions), a light peel followed by the famous DMK enzyme mask. Lastly, the skin will be drenched in nutritious serums to heal and hydrate the skin. Note: this is NOT a butt lift or anti-cellulite treatment. Over time it helps with cellulite if scheduled consistently.

This deeply exfoliating bum firming treatment is specifically designed for fast results on the body. While hydrolizing redundant cell build up it increases circulation and lymphatic drainage. It is an excellent treatment for cellulite, fluid retention, dry skin, poor circulation, and ingrown hairs. If you’d like this luxury buttocks firming treatment, aka, The Bootylicious Firming Treatment you can book online now if you reside in Tucson, AZ or google a DMK provider in your area. The DMK body enzyme can also be applied to other parts of the body. Talk with your Paramedical Skincare Therapist about your skincare and body concerns. Cheers to firm hineys!

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